xWD Specification



xWD is a collection of core enhancements and extension packages designed to extend xTuple ERP to serve the Wholesale Distribution community.

xWD includes a number of items that will be of interest to wholesale distributors generally, and a few that are specific to the electrical wholesale distribution market. Commercial information for xWD may be found at http://www.xTuple.com/wholesale-distribution.

The specific components of xWD are discussed in separate documents:

Core Enhancements

Extension Packages

Terms and Definitions

The introduction of xWD into xTuple, including the introduction of various terms from the Distribution marketplace, requires some clarification of terms. Some of the terms below are new, and some are familiar, but it is important to clarify what is meant by each of these in the context of the software.

Note that throughout this specification we will use COST to mean an amount of money paid by the Distributor to the Vendor, and PRICE to mean the amount of money paid by the Customer to the Distributor.


Throughout this document we will refer to the following entities.

  • Distributor
    • xTuple (xWD) user
  • Manufacturer/Supplier
    • Vendor to the Distributor
  • Customer
    • Distributor's customer
  • Buyer Group
    • A member-owned marketing group made up of independently owned electrical distributors throughout the United States