xTupler #31 "Your best chance to guide xTuple development and score great deals too" e-news issue is out!


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xTupler - xTuple's e-newsletterICYMI: xTupler #31 – the company and community e-newsletter is out! Please share: http://bit.ly/xTupler31Sep13

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Included in this issue, you will find: A letter from CEO Ned Lilly with information on: next month's inaugural xTupleCon user conference; Feature Mob 2, the community development initiative or "Flash Mob" for new features; our Q3 promotion with limited time offer of discounts on commercial upgrades (ends September 30) and Professional Services (big discounts now, lowest discounts end December 31); and version 4.1 release with Business Intelligence gone Mobile.

And in our regular features:

  • "Where’s Wally?" – see where xTuple VP of Sales, Wally Tonra, has been, with pictures
  • xTupleR Staff – Stacey Pandeloglou, Account Executive
  • Partner Highlight – ICE System - xTuple is “poster child for power of open source”
  • Product Update – Section 179 U.S. tax law allows for write-off 100% of business software needs
  • “Customer Corner” – EMSEAL, implemented on-time and under budget, approximately 40% of cost of other "big name" products
  • Events, Webinars and Training
  • From the xTuple Blogs – Commercial open source comes of age; Open-source-savvy business says; Feature Mob 2: Making PostBooks Everything You Want it to Be; We've moved! (to GitHub); Free trial of integrated Desktop & Mobile Web clients; and Save up to 35% & welcome Ellen!