xTuple for Macs and Mobile featured at Macworld 2014


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xTuple ERP for Mac - Mobile Web appIt’s almost that time of year again – Macworld/iWorld! Attending this “best place for all things Apple” conference is just one of the highlights of my year. It gives me a chance to meet face-to-face with Mac-lovers worldwide to talk about solutions we have at xTuple for their business.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or manage a bit of both worlds, I’m looking forward to letting you “test drive” the xTuple Mobile Web application. You’ll have a chance to see how it’s fully interoperable and works on the classic Desktop client and the Apple iPad and iPhone.

Come by the xTuple booth in the Appalooza Showcase. The solutions we offer can really solve your day-to-day problems.

This year, Macworld/iWorld is Thursday, March 27 – Saturday, March 29 at the Moscone North in San Francisco, California (USA). Show organizers tell us the conference agenda will include over 50 Tech Talks and that 77% of the 25,000+ attendees say they’ll be there to discover the upcoming releases and test out the new technology. Don’t miss out on all of the new Apple-related goodies and must-haves, too!

Register here to score one of my limited number of xTuple’s free Macworld Expo passes.

Let me or Anne Cote know you are coming, and let’s set a time to meet in San Francisco.

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Media converage of Macworld 2014

By David Temple for the Apple section of TechnologyTell

It doesn’t matter in what hall of Moscone Center Macworld / iWorld is held, It doesn’t matter when it starts and ends or whether it’s big or small, there are always some exhibitors and products that catch us off guard. For the most part, we know what’s in store for us from conversations with PR reps and from early press releases, but we can always count on a few surprising finds each year. At Macworld / iWorld 2014 that included an open source ERP, a photo recognition app, and an infra-red camera for your iPhone.
David Temple: xTuple open source ERP

For the cognoscenti, what follows will make sense. For the casual reader, this will be rather business nerdy—you have been warned.

xTuple is an open source ERP or Enterprise Resource Program. If you work on a computer in an office setting, an ERP is very often referred to as simply “the system” and is the program which runs every aspect of a company’s operation from warehousing to order entry to accounting, to production, etc. While I was not surprised to find some accounting software, finding two full ERP packages at the same show was, well, surprising. xTuple is taking this particular honor due to a few factors. First is the scope of function. The following modules are all available: AP, AR, CRM, Distribution, General Ledger, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Sales, and Reports (with plenty of details in each module). Second, the software is capable of handling well over 100 users, so as your company grows your ERP will still be there with you. Lastly, xTuple is open source, so custom development is possible for those things not already covered in the extensive options listing in the program.

The program interface is user friendly and capable of executing a desired task as well as gathering information in either a formal or ad hoc reporting format. As most ERP users know, getting the information in a format you can use is a large part of the battle, and xTuple makes it easy to specify what information you really want.

If that isn’t enough for you, check out xTuple on their website. They even offer a free trial so you can get first hand experience with the program before taking the plunge.