Ta Da! xTuple 3.5.1 Beta with Desktop is here.


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UPDATE: The final version of xTuple Desktop is available for download. Remember that the Desktop requires xTuple 3.5.1 or higher. You'll need the Udpater to install the Desktop.

We got quite a bit of traffic on my initial blog of the forthcoming xTuple Desktop.  xTuple 3.5.1 Beta has new been posted along with the beta package for the desktop.  Download your copy today!



Yes, that's right the Desktop is a scripted Extension package.  The plan is to install it by default in all xTuple databases by the 3.5.1 final release, but it is and will be a separately maintained Extension that makes it easy to review, update and extend.  For the beta release you will need to install the package separately.  All the beta release files may be found on Source Forge here.  Specifically the Desktop is in the PostBooks Packages folder along with Time and Expense, Point of Sale and a couple other packages.  It can be loaded on to your 3.5.1 beta database with our Updater utility, the same one used to upgrade xTuple from one version to another.

The Desktop has been expanded substantially from my initial blog to include several desktop pages that are accessed by a toolbar on the left.  There are between two to four informational dock widgets on each page, each with drill down capabilities.  All of the pages and dock widgets have security controls and all graphical launch buttons and drill down screens inherit pre-existing security controls.  Also, as previously mentioned, the dock widgets can be moved around and "undocked" (made floating outside the desktop), and those positions will be remembered.

I'll let some screen shots do most of the talking, but you really need to try it to get the full story: