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Finance charges

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05/05/14 07:40svn

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Author: dcsint
Date: 2014-05-05 11:39:54 +0000 (Mon, 05 May 2014)
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issue #20104:finance charges

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04/09/14 14:20jrogelstad

So the issue isn't that we don't *like* to see comments in closed issues. It's just that when you put them there they are all but certain to be ignored because our work schedule is driven by active and prioritized incidents. If you note something on a closed incident, we'll never notice it. We do get emails on all incidents like this, so I did catch this comment, but your better bet for seeing action taken is to create a new incident. Best bet is to create a pull request for that new incident on Github!

04/09/14 12:55krauseo

I know you prefer people not log comments into closed incidents, but this is a minor thing that would be easy to address. The system is not noting the original invoice number on the line items on the invoice created for finance charges. In the assessfinancecharge(integer,date,numeric) SQL function, the item description for the finance charge invoice line item is hardcoded to 'Finance Charge Assessment'. Wouldn't it be better for that to be 'Finance Charge Assessment - Invoice Number ' || _ar.aropen_docnumber || ' - Past Due Balance ' || (_ar.aropen_amount - _ar.aropen_paid) || ' Due Date - ' _ar.aropen_duedate, so both the accounting staff and the customer can see what original invoice is overdue, plus the past due balance and due date on that invoice? This would be especially important if the customer has several overdue invoices for which several line items are created on the new invoice. Just a thought, and I didn't want to create a new feature request for something that would take about five minutes to change, since it's just one line in the SQL function.

03/18/14 09:39harika

Tested in xTuple version 4.4.0 RC . Closing the issue

02/27/14 14:57reddog

good idea. changed metasql assessFinanceCharges-detail to use cust_gracedays to override finance charge global setting. will be available next release

02/27/14 14:17gerhardpet

For customers under Settings > Terms there is a check box for Alternate Late Grace Days, which was there before Finance Charges in 4.4BETA. Not sure what it is for but could that tie in with Finance Charges? This would allow to specify alternate late grace days which would overwrite the system setting per customer.

02/27/14 08:22reddog

i am describing the changes that i made that will be available in the next release, 4.4.0RC

02/26/14 20:55gerhardpet

I don't understand what you mean by

change window customer to maintain existing cust_financecharge column. indicates if customer is exempt from finance charges.
change metasql assessfinancecharges-detail to filter on cust_financecharge.

02/26/14 18:05gerhardpet

-You are right I have multi-currencies which explain the <5.00 assessments
-Got it...it does create the invoices
-Don't under why the sales category is required. It did not post to the G/L account in the sales category I selected. It posted to the Finance Charge Account from the settings

02/26/14 18:04reddog

change window customer to maintain existing cust_financecharge column. indicates if customer is exempt from finance charges.

change metasql assessfinancecharges-detail to filter on cust_financecharge.

02/26/14 17:16reddog

reviewed code for Minimum Finance Charge and should be working. please note that the minimum charge is expressed in terms of the base currency and is converted to the local currency of the Invoice when compared. do you have a multi-currency situation or are all of your Invoices expressed in base currency?

02/26/14 17:04reddog

3 - the result of assessing finance charges is unposted Invoices which are reviewed and then posted which will affect A/R and G/L. were unposted Invoices created?

4 - will review

6 - the Invoices are created with Misc. Items with the Sales Category defined in setup. the Sales Category determines which G/L accounts are affected when the Invoice is posted

7 - will review

02/26/14 16:48gerhardpet

Did some testing today.

1- Was able to save the system setting fro finance charge
2- Went to Accounts Receivable > Invoices > Assess Finance Charges
- Brings up overdue invoices
- Can select a few at the time and assess finance charges
-Everything works fine up to this point
3- Now when checking under Receivables Aging, customer Account Statement and the G/L account the finance charges do not show up. I would think it should have created a Journal in the G/L and entry in the A/R transaction table etc...
4- Where is the option to exempt a customer from finance charges?
6- What is the drop down Sales Category for in Finance Charges setup screen? Does it have to be there?
7- Also wondering if something is wrong with the Minimum Finance Charge in settings. It does not work for all overdue invoices. I have it set to 5.00 and some invoices are calculated to < 5.00

I can do some more testing

02/26/14 01:55harika

Tested in xTuple version 4.4.0 Beta : Closing the issue

02/17/14 10:01reddog

as you noted, there were major problems with the initial implementation of finance charges. this required us to pull from 4.3 release. finance charges will be released in 4.4.0Beta which will be available shortly for your review.

02/14/14 20:22gerhardpet

Last time I checked xTuple 4.3RC did not have the latest changes to finance charge.

Does already include the changes now?

01/27/14 16:22reddog

second attempt at Finance Charges:

change window configureGL and add "Finance Charge" tab for finance charge configuration settings. save configuration in new table; fincharg

change menuAccounting and add "Assess Finance Charges" option to Accounting->Accounts Receivable->Invoices

change window terms and add "Allow Finance Charge" checkbox

new window assessFinanceCharges which lists the overdue Invoices, allows entended selection of Invoices to assess, and "Assess Charges" button will create a new unposted finance charge Invoice for each of the selected overdue Invoices. Finance charges are incremental based on Assessment Date and either Previous Assessment Date, Due Date, or Document Date.

01/10/14 09:34glevow


11/25/13 10:50jrogelstad

Re-assigning to gpazo to remove this code from 4.3 until it can be done properly.

11/22/13 10:24reddog

reviewing changes

11/22/13 10:04gerhardpet

Not sure what it means when the status is changed to Closed on this incident. Does it mean it is complete? If so then read on…
I install 4.3 Beta yesterday and did some testing on Finance Charge and I think it still need quite a bit of work. I’m wondering who wrote this because the GUI’s don’t resemble much of what all other xTuple GUI’s look like.

1- It does not even work to save the Finance Charge variables in Accounting > Setup > Accounting > Finance Charge. When I enter the values and click Apply or Save the values get cleared and are not retained. I can’t test how the rest works
2- For the Finance Charge G/L Account it is a drop list. It is different than anywhere else in the system. It should be the same
3- In the Access Finance Charge GUI The Customer ID Range is very different from the test of xTuple GUI’s. It should be the same as the A/P and A/R workbench to be able to select “All Customers” “Select” “Customer Group” etc…
4- No idea what Statement Cycle Range does or is for?
5- What does the Filter Charges button do? Also looks way of from the rest of the xTuple GUI’s
6- “Click the access column for each customer for whom you wish to create a finance charge invoice” What does this message mean? Maybe I could test the finance change it may have some meaning
7- The assessment Date is not the usual date selector field

I get the feeling that no one did any QA on this, to help the person developing finance charge in xTuple.
I like to see improvements on this.

11/21/13 06:29shyamsunder

Tested in xTuple 4.3.0 Beta: Closing the issue

11/08/13 10:42gpazo

This is on our list for the 4.3 release


11/08/13 10:36ned

what's the current status of this issue?

09/17/13 09:26glevow

System settings UI appears to be missing.

07/19/13 15:10gpazo

I've received the code and put in a pull request, sorry for the confusion Gerhard! Flipping to resolved with fixed in as 4.2.0

07/17/13 21:32gerhardpet

All I ever did is write up the proposed spec. I'm not a developer and therefore will not be able to contribute any code.

If there is any help needed to review the proposed specs let me know.

07/17/13 15:07gpazo

I see the proposed attached spec, but where are the code changes? If possible, I'd like to see a github pull request for these changes that way we can use the github tools to do a bit of code review on this before we merge it in rather than a raw .zip file as we've done previously. If you need help working with git let me know.


04/22/13 11:16gerhardpet

I don't recall creating this incident. I posted a proposed_finance_charges_function_in_xtuple.pdf here http://www.xtuple.org/node/5106

I have attached here again

04/22/13 10:56glevow

Thank you for your Feature request. Can you please provide more specific information about what is needed.
Thank you.

04/20/13 18:25dcsint

Finance charges



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