xTupleCommerce Product Guide



Business happens on the Web; learn how an omnichannel B2B eCommerce Web Portal benefits manufacturers and distributors.

xTupleCommerce is a customer-facing Web Portal for xTuple ERP, giving your business partners and retail customers direct self-service capability and 24/7 access, from anywhere in the world. Offering this type of access to your trading partners and customers helps you build and sustain your relationship with them, increasing efficiencies and driving revenue growth. In addition, the product's unique design allows information to flow back and forth between the ERP and the portal in real time. What you see in one place is what you see in the other. No more daily or hourly updates required to keep the data on your website and the data in your ERP in sync. No more double-entry. xTupleCommerce is referred to as omnichannel or omnicommerce* — always connected, always up-to-date, all the time.

Key features of xTupleCommerce

  • Visibility: Products from your ERP's inventory visible online
  • Accessibility: Customers or sales reps in the field can browse current inventory
  • User-friendly: Customers can self-service; they can create and update their accounts so the information flows directly to the ERP's CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Flexibility: Customer-specific pricing is shown when customers shop online
  • Instantaneous: Shopping cart capability allows online ordering, translating automatically into sales orders in the ERP

Connection to the ERP is managed through a REST API (application programming interface). This technology allows information to flow seamlessly and uninterrupted between the portal and the ERP in real time. For example, if product data changes in the ERP (e.g., pricing updates), the changes will be revealed simultaneously on the Web Portal. Likewise, once a user has finished checking out, their order immediately shows up in the ERP's list of open sales orders.

xTupleCommerce also includes an advanced access and user permission level system. You can control who can see what. Some companies are happy allowing 100% of the public to see products and place orders. Others want to authenticate each of their customers before they can see the catalog. Again, xTupleCommerce is flexible enough to handle these different scenarios.

xTupleCommerce delivers an exceptional user experience for you and your customers, while increasing efficiency throughout your organization. The system will make it easier for your consumer and business customers to research products, see their customer-specific prices, place orders and manage their account information.

*Omnichannel (or OmniCommerce): Refers to the shopping (searching, buying, customer service, etc.) experience that is created by the seller across more than one channel. Customers seek a seamless, tightly integrated experience with multiple purchasing options, whether via the Internet or mobile application, from a desktop computer, a mobile device, in-person at a brick-and-mortar store, or on the phone.

Price: $20.00