Online Class — xTupleCommerce: B2B eCommerce Starter Guide for Sales Growth



Quickly go from a "bare-bones" Web presence — or no website at all — to building an online business using xTupleCommerce.

See how quickly you can go from a "bare metal" or "brochure-ware" website to having a fully-integrated xTuple ERP and xTupleCommerce system. In this class you will learn how to setup your business online with the xTupleCommerce Web Portal and start selling more plus how to get the most out of your xTuple ERP. 

This live, online training meets one (1) time with a mid-day break.

Topics covered include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Installing the software using the xTuple Admin Utility
  • Understanding the "web stack" that links the Web Portal to the ERP
  • How to build your online product catalog
  • Adding marketing information to help your products sell
  • Deploying graphics on the site
  • Fundamentals of user management
  • Credit card set up and operation
  • Demo: Full order-to-cash process flow
  • Tips: Marketing best practices for your website

Credit Hours — 6

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Price: $345.00