xTuple Wholesale Distribution Product Guide



Comprehensive reference document for xTuple for Wholesale Distribution.

xTuple for Wholesale Distribution, an essential component for wholesale distributors using xTuple ERP

The Guide explains the steps for installing, configuring and using xTuple for Wholesale Distribution, an essential component for wholesale distributors using xTuple. The guide is distributed as a PDF file, suitable for printing.

xTuple for Wholesale Distribution is an extension package that contains features designed to serve the Wholesale Distribution community. It provides general overall support for distributors ― and specific support for the electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and industrial wholesale distribution markets.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Overview
    2. Basic xTuple Distribution Flow
    3. Choosing an xTuple ERP Edition
  2. External Vendor Catalog
    1. Overview
    2. Configuring the External Vendor Catalog
      1. Setting up Vendor Catalog Conversions
      2. External Vendor Catalog Screen
      3. Vendor Catalogs
    3. Importing Data into the External Vendor Catalog
      1. CSV Tool, Atlas and Maps
      2. Standard Atlas for Trade Services
      3. Atlas Settings for Import
      4. Importing Files
    4. Converting Items
    5. Updating Items with xTuple for Wholesale Distribution
  3. Order Processing
    1. Overview
    2. Quick Item Entry
    3. Detailed Item Information
    4. Back Orders
    5. Specialized Distribution Documents
    6. Advanced Item Search (AIS)
    7. Re-Sequencing Line Items
    8. Cost Plus Pricing
      1. Creating a Cost Plus Pricing Schedule
      2. Assigning a Pricing Schedule to Customers
    9. Industry Standard Margin Calculations
    10. Smooth Margins
    11. Customer Favorites
    12. Easy Shipping from Order Entry
    13. Field Level Privileges
    14. Sales Commissions Reporting
    15. Lost Sales Reporting
  4. Purchasing and MRP
    1. Overview
    2. Purchase Requests
      1. Releasing Purchase Requests
      2. Purchase Order Processing
  5. Learning More
    1. Videos
    2. Training
    3. Consulting Help
    4. Ask the User Community
    5. Reading the Source
  6. Field Reference
    1. Trade Service Electrical and Plumbing
    2. xWDPriceSheet Section

As you will learn in the Guide, Wholesale Distribution features are firmly embedded in xTuple, especially in the Quoting, Sales Order, and Purchase Order areas. To give just one example, it's possible to browse and search the full Trade Service Catalog from within xTuple. Then with one click you can convert Catalog Items ― including their Vendor pricing and other characteristics ― to Items you can actually sell using xTuple. 

For more information on xTuple for Wholesale Distribution itself, please see xTuple for Wholesale Distribution.

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