xTuple Desktop



Independent download of xTuple Desktop, installed by default in version 3.5.1 and higher.

xTuple Desktop

The Desktop is an extension package for xTuple. It is installed by default in all xTuple databases from version 3.5.1 and higher, but it is available here for independent download. 

The Desktop illustrates the critical workflows in the application. There are screens for CRM, sales, accounting, purchasing, manufacturing and more. Each of these includes widgets that present critical information, as well as links to the most commonly used screens. The links are arranged in order to show the standard business process flow. In addition to the standard set of free desktops, a QuickStart Wizard desktop is also available for purchase, to assist with setting up a company in xTuple for the first time.

There are between two to four informational dock widgets on each page, each with drill down capabilities. All of the pages and dock widgets have security controls and all graphical launch buttons and drill down screens inherit pre-existing security controls. Also, the dock widgets can be moved around and "undocked" (made floating outside the desktop), and those positions will be remembered. You can control which desktop you want to see by selecting from the list of items on the left. 

One of the neatest things about these desktops is that there is absolutely zero code behind them. What this means a non-programmer can easily customize the desktops that come with xTuple, or build their own. xTuple Desktop includes over 3,000 pre-loaded icons to choose from when making your own desktop.

The xTuple Desktop file is an xTuple extension package, which means you'll need the the free Updater application to install it in your xTuple database. You can read tips for using the Updater.

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