xTuple Connect



Automate scheduled jobs and reports in xTuple and manage data exchanges with outside systems.

Connect xTuple ERP with an outside system.

xTuple Connect is an extension of xTuple ERP that supports the automated integration of xTuple with other systems, transports xTuple information via mechanisms such as email and FTP, lets you schedule the start-time of long-running reports and database maintenance tasks, and allows setting up and running repeating jobs. It may be purchased from xTuple for use with all editions of xTuple ERP: PostBooks┬«, Distribution, Manufacturing and Enterprise. 

xTuple Connect has two components:

  • The xtConnect package adds features to the xTuple ERP application. These features include new menu options and windows and new buttons and fields on existing windows. These windows, buttons, and fields let you configure xTuple Connect and submit and schedule jobs to the xTuple Connect Batch Manager.
  • The xTuple Connect Batch Manager client is a separate program that does the actual work. It runs continually, checking for jobs to start and running them at the appropriate time. The xTuple Connect Batch Manager runs the reports, sends the email, downloads files from FTP servers, and more.

Purchasing this software enables you to download the above files, plus :

  • The xTuple Connect Product Guide (PDF)

The version of xTuple Connect is 3.6.0 and it requires xTuple version 3.5.1 or higher to run.

The cost of the software includes a perpetual license fee of $1,995, plus a 10% maintenance fee to cover the first year of annual maintenance.

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Price: $1,995.00