XTN Basic



Backups and disaster recovery, plus automatic remote upgrades and five (5) hours of data cleanup.

XTN — Remote Upgrade Service — Basic

XTN manages some of the chores connected with maintaining your xTuple database — from managed installation of software upgrades to advanced database tuning. Each level of XTN service also includes a time allowance for xTuple to 'clean' any user-created data problems that happen to everyone, as well as any necessary 'tweaks' to custom reports and scripts associated with moving from version to version.

XTN Basic features

  • All xTuple upgrades applied*
  • Includes Business Continuity backup and disaster recovery+
  • Available either on your local server or on an xTuple Cloud database
  • Additional five (5) hours/year included for troubleshooting

(also see XTN Premium)

+ Disaster Recovery — restore your database in the cloud within 24 hours, for up to 30 days free

* The upgrade process is not fully automatic. xTuple follows a best practices methodology of piloting all upgrades in a sandbox environment before going live. For XTN services including upgrades, xTuple works with you to schedule an upgrade to a sandbox copy of your database, to allow for pilot-testing by your key users. Following your acceptance of the sandbox upgrade, your production system upgrade is scheduled. The upgrade process should go smoothly; the software is designed to be updatable following prescribed mechanisms. If we encounter problems during upgrade due to data incongruities or local customizations, xTuple applies prepaid troubleshooting time to resolve those issues. Customers are always alerted, prior to billing additional hours at our standard rate, of any issue resolution requiring more than the prepaid time.

The price below includes an annual support contract, which begins after xTuple has contacted you and set up the service.

The xTuple Sales Team is ready to answer your questions. Please call +1-757-461-3022 to reach us during business hours – 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, GMT-05:00-US & Canada – or contact us online.


Price: $5,000.00