TimeTrex Payroll Integration Package



Import payroll data from TimeTrex directly into xTuple ERP.

Simplify the processing of your payroll needs with xTuple, from third-party service TimeTrex.

This free extension package uses the foreign data wrapper capabilities of PostgreSQL to import payroll data from the TimeTrex time and attendance system directly into xTuple ERP. All employee time is entered in TimeTrex, while mappings you define in TimeTrex facilitate the import of that payroll information into xTuple.

The integration package takes TimeTrex payroll information and posts it, by pay period, into the xTuple general ledger as a standard journal, thereby completing the integration process. The package creates a new Payroll submenu in the main Accounting window. User privileges also control who can gain access to the menu option.

TimeTrex also supports direct deposit natively, or checks may be printed in either system.


For more information on installing and using the TimeTrex integration package, please see TimeTrex — xTuple University

Looking for more options to process payroll, time and attendance with xTuple? See xTuple Add-ons for Payroll


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