Time and Expense



Essential tool for professional service businesses to track time and expenses - and manage by project.

Time and Expense, the essential tool for professional service businesses.

Are you running a professional service business that needs the ability to track time and expenses?  How about managing time and expenses by project?

The fully integrated solution for these requirements is the Time & Expense package for xTuple ERP, originally developed by Core Services Group and now offered as a free extension package by xTuple.

  • Enter time or expenses associated with a particular customer or project. Time and expenses are defined as Items in xTuple; prices/rates can be set by Item, Customer, Project, or Employee.
  • Sheets remain open until the employee or manager approves time and/or expenses posted to them.
  • Once sheets are approved, managers can create customer invoices automatically for time and expenses recorded, optionally they can consolidate multiple sheets into a single invoice or create vouchers to pay/reimburse employees or contractors.

You can download the free Time & Expense package below; you can also purchase a PDF of the Reference Guide, which contains a section on T&E, here.

The version available for download here is Time & Expense package 2.0.3, which is compatible with xTuple 3.6.x and above. Click here for more versions of the package and for updater packages that will allow you to update an older version to the current version.

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