Report for Pre-Printed 1099 Forms



Select vendors who will receive 1099 forms; the report definition lays out data so it prints correctly.

Report for Pre-Printed 1099 Forms

A free, downloadable report format for printing 1099s directly from xTuple ERP.

First, add this free product to your shopping cart and check out. That will give you access to download the extension package. The package includes a screen and a report. The screen lets you select vendors who will receive 1099 forms. The report definition lays out the data so that it will print correctly onto a pre-printed 1099 form.

Then, go to our forms partner and select the pre-printed 1099 forms you want to purchase on that site. They will be mailed to you shortly, but do not delay. You will need to mail those forms to your vendors in a timely manner based on your tax requirements.

To install this package, you will need to use the Updater application. Instructions for the Updater are available on This package requires xTuple ERP 3.3.0 or higher.

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