Reference Guide



Designed as screen-by-screen reference for anyone using xTuple ERP applications.

xTuple ERP Reference Guide

Download the xTuple ERP Reference Guide in PDF form suitable for printing. The Reference Guide is designed as a screen-by-screen reference for anyone using any of the xTuple ERP applications.

  • xTuple ERP: PostBooks® Free Edition
  • xTuple ERP: Distribution Edition
  • xTuple ERP: Manufacturing Edition

Since all three applications share a common code base, it makes sense that they also share a Reference Guide. Manufacturing Edition contains features Distribution Edition does not, and Distribution Edition contains features that PostBooks® does not. To highlight these differences, we have placed indicators in the Reference Guide. Whenever you see one of these markers, you'll know the functionality you're reading about exists in Manufacturing or Distribution Edition but not in PostBooks®.

The screenshots and examples used throughout this Reference Guide are taken from the Manufacturing Edition Client for Windows, running on Windows XP. There is no functional difference between the Windows, Mac, or Linux Clients. You will find only minor graphical user interface differences. The same holds true for the xTuple ERP products.

(Approx. 2,220 pages)

Please note: this is a downloadable version only.

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