Online Class — Custom Reporting: SQL Report Writer for Open Source ERP



Learn how to make changes and create a custom report with OpenRPT, the open source report writer.

xTuple ERP: Open Source SQL Report Writer (OpenRPT)

This class includes a step-by-step demonstration of how to make cosmetic changes to existing OpenRPT reports and how to create a custom report. Participants will also learn how SQL and meta-SQL are used in OpenRPT to control data and filter options in a report definition.

Features of OpenRPT:

  • Report definitions are saved in XML format, and support "grades" or versioning
  • Stand-alone or embeddable WYSIWYG Report Designer
  • Embeddable report renderer renders to local printers, including PDF and Postscript distillers
  • Support for All/Even/Odd/First/Last Page Headers and Footers
  • Support for multiple column detail sections
  • Support for static and database sourced images
  • Support for static and/or database sourced watermarks and page identifiers
  • Support for multiple detail sections and optional, multiple group heads and footers for each detail section

Database Familiarization and Introduction to SQL and meta-SQL

  • PG Admin — Views, Table, Procedures
  • Meta-SQL Editor

Introduction to Report Writer and Making Cosmetic Changes

  • Components — Capabilities, Structure, Making Changes

Adding a New Field to an Existing xTuple Report

  • Change a Query
  • Change the Report Layout
  • Test

Credit Hours — Six (6)

Seats are available until filled.

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Price: $345.00