Load-and-Go Service: Remote install of PostgreSQL and xTuple PostBooks® database



Get help with your installation of xTuple PostBooks®

Load-and-Go Service: Remote install of PostgreSQL and xTuple PostBooks® database

Want your own Private Cloud Database to test any of our commercial editions? Or want someone to guide you through setup of the PostBooks® Client-Server? We offer a one-time initial setup training session to stand up PostBooks® on your machine for a very nominal fee. Let us help you find what works best for your company needs.

What does the personalized set-up of the open source ERP xTuple PostBooks® Client-Server entail?

Using a live personal tutorial online, we will walk you through, step-by-step, how to setup the PostBooks® Edition Server, database and client. This service will take approximately one (1) hour and may vary depending on the end-user’s technical ability, speed and computer configuration. First, we’ll download the files needed, then navigate through the EnterpriseDB installer and lastly configure PostgreSQL using the GUI tool PGAdmin. At the end, we’ll test to make sure you connected successfully using the light xTuple Desktop Client.

The success of this service depends upon the following:

  • You have NO evidence of PostgreSQL already installed (or any remnants from a failed installation). If you DO, make sure to re-format or re-image your machine prior to scheduling the setup service.
  • You’re using a modern machine with enough power, i.e., anything within the last four (4) years and four (4) gb of RAM should work, including Window’s 7,8,10, Mac OSX 10+, Ubuntu/Debian Linux variants.
  • This is NOT an open-ended service engagement and only includes:
    • Guiding you through the steps of downloading the files you’ll need
    • Guiding you through the EnterpriseDB installation of PostgreSQL
    • Guiding you through configuration including loading of Quickstart, Empty and Demo databases of PostBooks®

xTuple PostBooks® is open source business management software for sales, accounting, operations and CRM in a single system. Prefer to try our guide to assist beginners with downloading, installing and using PostBooks® for the first time? Click here to setup PostBooks® on your own

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Price: $495.00