Implementation Guide — Executive Summary



Learn the eleven key factors needed to successfully implement xTuple — completely revised and updated edition of the xTuple Implementation Guide.

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There is something here for everyone — from business owners to accountants and IT implementers. Also, now, for the first time, gain valuable insights into adding an xTupleCommerce site to your ERP implementation.

This document will be an invaluable tool for anyone implementing xTuple ERP. Not only does it provide start-to-finish project management information. But you will also get important data import directions, including exhaustive mapping information for your key data sets.

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Project Definition

Chapter 2: Project Start

Chapter 3: System Configuration

Chapter 4: Master Data

Chapter 5: Forms and Reports

Chapter 6: Business Process Piloting

Chapter 7: Final ERP Preparations

Chapter 8: xTupleCommerce Site

Chapter 9: Project Close

Chapter 10: Extending xTuple

Appendix A: Sample Project Charter

Appendix B: Requirements Document Template


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