Expense Request for Non-Inventory Items



Add screens for Expense Requests, i.e., the purchase of a non-inventory item.

Expense Request for Non-Inventory Items

This extension package adds screens for handling a new category of documents called Expense Requests. What's an Expense Request? It's a document for requesting purchase of a non-inventory item. 

The Expense Request package includes the following features:

  1. Expense Requests screen
    This screen allows users to enter new expense requests, and lists all "new" and "closed" items. Each request is entered in a similar form to a PO but has to be processed by purchasing. Each user can work on his request until he is happy with it, and then he can release before it appears on the Processing Screen (purchasing).
  2. Expense Processing screen.
    The Purchasing department has an expense processing screen that is used to transfer Expense Request items to one or many POs of different vendors. 

This package requires that another package called POprogressing must be installed first. POprogressing is also available for free on the xChange.

When you select this product you will be authorized to download the file called ExpenseRequests.gz

To install this package, you'll need to use the Updater application.

Instructions for the Updater.



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