ExisXto-Microsoft Outlook add-in for CRM



Synchronize xTuple CRM with Microsoft Outlook for Windows.

ExisXto add-in for Microsoft Outlook for Windows

ExisXto is a Microsoft Outlook (2003, 2007 or 2010) add-in for xTuple CRM. This product is compatible with the Microsoft Windows version of Outlook and does not work with Outlook on other platforms, such as MacOS.

ExisXto integrates Outlook with all editions of xTuple. ExisXto synchronizes xTuple contacts, xTuple Incidents, xTuple Accounts, xTuple Opportunities, xTuple Project Tasks, xTuple To-Dos and xTuple Alarms by creating special folders for xTuple in Outlook, which keeps your personal contacts separate and private. It downloads all to-dos from xTuple to appropriate folder in Outlook along with its status, notes and priority. Any changes you make in Outlook are uploaded to xTuple database. All alarms from xTuple CRM are downloaded as Outlook reminders for correct date and time when they are due. ExisXto will also collect all emails, from and to xTuple contacts, and upload them to the xTuple database where you can review them in contact's comments tab.

For a demo take a look at this YouTube demo video. The current installer will automatically install Postgres driver. So, it is no longer necessary for you to install the Postgres driver. For more information, please go to our website http://www.exisone.com.

Price represente one-time payment for each client PC. There is no additional cost to upgrade to the latest release of ExisXto. It is transferable to another PC provided it is deactivated on the original PC. Upon purchase, Exis will give the customer a product key valid for the number of licenses purchased and for perpetuity. The activation process will not allow activation beyond the number of licenses purchased.

Price: $199.00