Executive Summary Dashboard



Clear and concise operations summary for your company on a single, easy to read screen.

Executive Summary Report to better manage your business.

The Executive Summary Report provides a clear and concise summary of your company's operations on a single, easy to read screen.

The screen displays bank account balances, inventory values by cost categories, QOH for sold items, AR summary by currency, AP summary by currency, Open Sales Orders, Open Purchase Orders, Revenue account balances - MTD, YTD and COGS account balances - MTD, YTD.

When you purchase this product you will get access to download a sofware package that may be installed with any Edition of xTuple ERP, including the free PostBooks Edition. The file is called YDCExecutiveSummary.gz. The Updater application, which you will use to install the package, is included with this product. You can read tips for using the Updater on xTuple.org.

This file is compatible with xTuple versions 3.6.0 and higher.

Price: $100.00