Enhanced Commissions Package



Create flexible commissions schedules for sales representatives and managers.

Enhanced Commissions

Users can:

  • Define Commission Schedule with graduated rates based on discount percentage
  • Assign Commission Schedules to reps and managers based on Sales Rep Group, Product Type, Customer Type and other criteria
  • Calculate commissions line by line on a Sales Order
  • Allow multiple reps to be commissioned per line
  • Pay commissions by check or record commission for payroll reporting

The core commissions functionality in xTuple allows you to define a commission percentage for each individual. You can assign a rep to a customer, and the rep earns a commission based on the total of all items on the order. This is adequate for many organizations. However, f you require more control over commissioning, you need Enhanced Commissions. 

Enhanced Commissions gives you many more options for driving sales rep behavior with commissioning. You can drive sales of particular product lines, vary commissions by customer and include managers in commission programs. The package was developed to allow a wide variety of commission options to help managers fine-tune sales performance and increase revenues.

Enhanced Commissions is compatible with xTuple version 3.8.0 and higher. The package must be installed using the xTuple Updater. 

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Price: $10,000.00