Business Continuity - Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery



Essential peace of mind: remote backup daily and restore your data on demand.

Business Continuity: Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

When you entrust all of your essential business information to one database, you need to know — without a doubt — that your data is protected from disasters that can impact a computer or network. xTuple Business Continuity service provides peace of mind for your xTuple implementation, and protects your business, saving you if catastrophe occurs. 

Remote Backup defined:

Every day, xTuple electronically transfers a backup of your database to a secure off-site server for safe storage. You may request a copy of these backups at any time.

Disaster Recovery defined: 

Within 24 hours of a disaster, if needed, xTuple will restore your latest backup to a cloud server, providing you with up to 30 days of free access to your database, from wherever you are. 

Business continuity is an easy decision to make. xTuple delivers simple and cost-effective value for you to take advantage of off-site storage (and the cloud) to prevent damaging interruptions to your business.

Business Continuity features

  • Backup: automated off-site backup seven (7) nights per week
  • Disaster Recovery: restore your database in the cloud within 24 hours, for up to 30 days free
  • XTN upgrade services, available at additional fee (see XTN)
  • Included at no additional cost in all xTuple Cloud offerings

The price below includes an annual support contract, which begins after xTuple has contacted you and set up the service.

The xTuple Sales Team is ready to answer your questions. Please call +1-757-461-3022 to reach us during business hours – 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, GMT-05:00-US & Canada – or contact us online.


Price: $2,500.00