Advanced Purchasing Authorization



Add comprehensive purchasing authorities in xTuple ERP.

Ordinarily, xTuple allows just a single purchasing authorization around the Release of purchase orders. There are no purchasing spend limits on what you can purchase, from whom and what your value purchasing limit might be.  Furthermore, it is possible for anyone who can create a purchase order to print the order and send it to the external party thus creating a commitment against that external party.

The Advanced Purchasing Authorization package adds comprehensive purchasing spend limits to the xTuple system and prevents the release and printing of purchase orders unless the user releasing the PO has sufficient authority.  Purchasing Authorizations are set up as a matrix of permissions and can be as specific or general as you desire. Specific purchasing authorizations are known as purchasing levels which are applied to both Item purchases and non-Item Expense Categories.

With the Advanced Purchasing Authorization package you can define specific Vendors, Items, Planner Codes or Categories that a user can purchase, as well as a spend limit that they cannot exceed.  A Purchase Order can no longer be printed unless it has been release by a suitably authorized person.

Read more about this package in the online documentation.

Price: $250.00