Advanced Item Search



Add an item search screen, using the Updater application.

Advanced Item Search

This package contains an item search screen which has the following features:

  1. Text search on item, description1, description2
  2. Class code Filter
  3. In Stock Filter
  4. Active items Filter
  5. Characteristic filters with drop downs, the second level is filtered by the first
  6. Item Source Search which filters the main list
  7. Detail screen for each item displaying, Item Sources, Item Locations, Characteristics and access to file URLS.
  8. Main list showing item#, Item Description, QOH, UOM, Class Code, Product Code

When you select this product you will be authorized to download the following files:

  • The extension package, called AdvancedSearch.gz
  • The Updater application

To install this package, you will need the the free Updater application to install it in your xTuple database. Read tips for using the Updater.


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