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v4.9.3 C/S - pg_hba.conf issue

Every time I shut down my server instance, and bring it back up, I subsequently have an extremely hard time getting work stations to logon due to authorization errors. Read more »

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v4.9.3 Client Side Setup -> Mac workstation access

I'm setting up a v4.9.3 client side system, and having trouble with a Mac connecting via our office network. Read more »

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Unicode error on attempting to install quickstart wizard (Debian Jessie)

Hi Everyone,

I have a successful installation of postbooks on Debian Jessie with the quickstart schema. I am able to log in with the client sucessfully. I have purchased the quickstart wizard, but it kicks an error regaring unicode and fails when I attempt to install it. I have not found any solution by searching the forums and the internet at large. Can anyone help with this problem? Please see details below.

Thanks in advance!

--Rob Read more »

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it doesnt recognize accounts in GJ entries!!

I set it up a accounts in Chart of Accounts(Ledger Accounts>Chart of Accounts) but once I try to entry in General Journal(Acctg>GL>JE>Simple Entry), i didnt show up even I tried to use the search button.


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I have installed 4.10.0beta and using 4.9.2 client. I have successfully installed a quickstart db during install and everything looks goods. As I'm still testing xTuple, when I try to create any additional dbs (quickstart, demo or empty), I am unable to upload any images, nor see the ones that are located in the db by default. I have searched for any permission rights that might be missing, but I'm not finding any.... Additionally, under the functioning quickstart, I'm unable to select a photo for a product.

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Multiselect from parameter widget


I'm trying to set up a the default value for a multiselect widget from the the parameterWidget. In all the examples I have found the QVariant was set to Null or ' ', so they were not very helpful. My query for the multiselect has 2 columns (Integer, Text).

  Read more »

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Empty Backup 4.9.2 ----- Not working????



After going thru the demo data in the cloud, I restored Empty Backup 4.9.2.

When I logged in, I found that the database is not empty.

I did it twice but could not get blank database.

How do I establish a new company???

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xTuple 4.9.1 ---- PostgreSQL 9.2



I downloaded and installed xTuple 4.9.2 and PostgreSQL (latest version). After setting up the database when I tried to logon, I got the version mismatch error.

I removed and downgraded the Postgre to success

I removed and downgraded to 9.3 and then to 9.2 .................still no success!!!


I see that the Postbooks.backups are 4.9.2, but the xTuple Client is 4.9.1 (although I installed 4.9.2)

Where can I get  xTuple Client 4.9.2 ??



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Error Restoring Database


I just installed a new postgresql 9.3 server on  Ubuntu 14.04

I have an error message when I restore the quickstart DB.

pg_restore: [archiver (db)] Error while INITIALIZING:
pg_restore: [archiver (db)] could not execute query: ERROR:  unrecognized configuration parameter "row_security"
    Command was: SET row_security = off;
What causes this?  Can I run xTuple without risk ignoring this?
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Upgraded 4.8.1 to 4.9.2 and lost document links

I upgraded PostBooks from 4.8.1 to 4.9.2, and now in the "Documents" tab of the "Item" window, where you go to attach images, documents, etc. to an item, there are no entries. Nothing at all, anywhere. I know the images are still associated with the items, because they still appear in the custom reports I use--so the actual relationships are still in the DB somewhere, but nothing is showing up under the "Documents" tab. Any ideas?