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EFT Tab on Bank Not Available, Encryption Key Loaded, EFT Enable Radio Button Selected - 4.9.5

I've installed the encryption key and checked the Print Checks/EFT Payments on the Bank Account Setup.  The EFT tabs does not appear below next to the notes tab.  What other configuration is needed to set up EFT?

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Upgrade Postbooks 4.9 to 4.10 database

I'm trying to upgrade a Postbooks 4.9 to 4.10 database and get this error. Anyone know why?


ERROR: cannot change owner of sequence "cmnttypesource_cmnttypesource_id_seq" Read more »

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I am getting an error when I try to edit user "admin

I have created a database in postbooks, set the base currency and accounting periods, and am now trying to update my admin user to add the few privileges it did not originally have.  I am getting the attached error.  I do not understand why.  I followed xTuple University's "Installing the Database" instructions through pgAdmin.  Do I need some other setting?  I am using version 1.18.1 of pgAdmin

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Error posting invoices

Our finance person created an invoice and attempted to post it, but received an error on doing so:

I see the following pop up in the database log: Read more »

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[Solved] REST setup

I'm trying to get the REST API set up. I believe I've got everything installed OK, but it falls over on launch: Read more »

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I'm doing something wrong, I am getting error trying to log into Xtuple on my computer.

I must have done something wrong as I followed the instructions, because I cannot log into Xtuple on my computer.  Attached is my PGadmin setup and error message I am getting.  Can anyone tell me what I need to fix?



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Where do I get the 4.9.2 client; sourceforge downloads 4.9.1

HI.  I have downloaded the latest postgresql, and got the xtuple client from sourceforge.   I keep getting an error that says a 4.9.1 client cannot connect to a 4.9.2 database.  What do I need to do?

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Logo prints smaller than actual size on purchase order

I followed the suggestion of swapping out the default logo with my own.  Not knowing the proper image size, I started off small: 228 x 131px (measures 1.25" x 0.78").  Seeing how small it was, I went back and created a new logo file that's 342 x 196 (measures 2.5" x 1.28"), but when I swapped logos, it still displays the smaller size.  I put back the xTuple default logo, and it displays its normal size.  I tried an oversized image (5" x 3.5"), and it didn't fare any better.  I'm stuck on this one.  Please advise...

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Blank Database / Quick Start DB...

Using version 4.9.5 with Web Server and Remote Windows Client.

Tried to deploy empty database... but after trying to work with it... Discovered its not really empty... Thought I was going crazy.. So deleted and carefully observing what I was doing. Tried to install the empty database, yet again i'm getting junk data, everything from custINFO table to Invdetail table... SO it appears the empty database is not really empty and the quickstart is no different.

Am I the only one having this issue, or what am i doing wrong... Read more »

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Check Format

Our checks have the check at the top and two stubs below that (check, stub, stub).  Is there a pre-loaded check format for this type of check?  Everything I read suggests using the stub, check, stub format, but we have hundreds of checks to use in our current format first.