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v4.9.3 Client Side Setup -> localhost access

This may be more a question for Postgres...

Trying to access xTuple 'Test' dbase (localhost, 5432, EKGTest, admin, admin) that has been loading several times/day with no problem since I created it, this am, I get the following error from pgAdmin (after similar from csvImp): Read more »

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xtuple 4.9.5 missing libraries

I am trying to install xtuple 4.9.5 on fedora 23 (32 bit).  when I ./xtuple from the directory I extracted it into, I get:

Unable to load library icui18n "Cannot load library icui18n: (icui18n: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)"
Wed May 4 11:21:18 2016 Warning: Qt: Session management error: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed
Wed May 4 11:21:52 2016 Warning: QSqlDatabase: QPSQL7 driver not loaded Read more »

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v4.9.3 C/S - pg_hba.conf issue

Every time I shut down my server instance, and bring it back up, I subsequently have an extremely hard time getting work stations to logon due to authorization errors. Read more »

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v4.9.3 Client Side Setup -> Mac workstation access

I'm setting up a v4.9.3 client side system, and having trouble with a Mac connecting via our office network. Read more »

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Unicode error on attempting to install quickstart wizard (Debian Jessie)

Hi Everyone,

I have a successful installation of postbooks on Debian Jessie with the quickstart schema. I am able to log in with the client sucessfully. I have purchased the quickstart wizard, but it kicks an error regaring unicode and fails when I attempt to install it. I have not found any solution by searching the forums and the internet at large. Can anyone help with this problem? Please see details below.

Thanks in advance!

--Rob Read more »

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it doesnt recognize accounts in GJ entries!!

I set it up a accounts in Chart of Accounts(Ledger Accounts>Chart of Accounts) but once I try to entry in General Journal(Acctg>GL>JE>Simple Entry), i didnt show up even I tried to use the search button.


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I have installed 4.10.0beta and using 4.9.2 client. I have successfully installed a quickstart db during install and everything looks goods. As I'm still testing xTuple, when I try to create any additional dbs (quickstart, demo or empty), I am unable to upload any images, nor see the ones that are located in the db by default. I have searched for any permission rights that might be missing, but I'm not finding any.... Additionally, under the functioning quickstart, I'm unable to select a photo for a product.

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Multiselect from parameter widget


I'm trying to set up a the default value for a multiselect widget from the the parameterWidget. In all the examples I have found the QVariant was set to Null or ' ', so they were not very helpful. My query for the multiselect has 2 columns (Integer, Text).

  Read more »

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Empty Backup 4.9.2 ----- Not working????



After going thru the demo data in the cloud, I restored Empty Backup 4.9.2.

When I logged in, I found that the database is not empty.

I did it twice but could not get blank database.

How do I establish a new company???

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xTuple 4.9.1 ---- PostgreSQL 9.2



I downloaded and installed xTuple 4.9.2 and PostgreSQL (latest version). After setting up the database when I tried to logon, I got the version mismatch error.

I removed and downgraded the Postgre to success

I removed and downgraded to 9.3 and then to 9.2 .................still no success!!!


I see that the Postbooks.backups are 4.9.2, but the xTuple Client is 4.9.1 (although I installed 4.9.2)

Where can I get  xTuple Client 4.9.2 ??