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installation error

hi all 


i am using this software first time so when i install first postgreSQL it shows me error 


error is 

"Problem running post-install setup.Isntallation may not complete correclty.the database cluster initialistaion failed."

ALSO i attach image you may check it


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Need help. First installation of Xtuple 4.9 and Postgre 9.4



 I did the step by step guide in linking the xtuple and Postgre but to no avail I'm getting the error:


Fatal: password authentication failed for user "admin" QPSQL: Unable to connect.


Have done the installation procedure for about 3 times now. but to no avail i still cant connect.


Thank you



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Can't get past base currency window

I think I have everything installed and a database created for 4.8.0.  It wasn't easy but I solved all but one glitch.  When I log in using the desktop client and a localhost database, I get the currency screen several people have mentioned.  Unfortunately my only options are Close or View.  Everything else is greyed out.  I have tried clicking on the currency - didn't make a difference.  Opening view also didn't make a difference, My only option in View is Close. Read more »

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Restoring database with pgAdmin3 on Mac

Hi - I think I'm within spitting distance of being up and running with my database, but everytime I try and restore xTuple to PostgresSQL, I get this error message - please can anyone enlighten me as to what the problem might be?  Thanks A


/Library/PostgreSQL/9.4/bin/pg_restore --host localhost --port 5432 --username "postgres" --dbname "Annesdb" --no-password  --format directory --verbose "/Applications/xTuple-4.8.0/xTupleERP/" Read more »

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Fresh Install on Ubuntu

Hi all trying to get xtuple up and running for the first time, tried watching the xtuple video but that was for demo version and don't see any videos for a real installation which would be helpful. From the instructions it looks like vagrant is just for VM, so I didn't use it and just entered this in command line with a fresh install on a VM running ubuntu desktop.

  Read more »

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Xtuple Reigistration Field Unavailable


I'm trying to register concurrent users for my new Xtuple install. I've received a key from Xtuple to enable this with instructions to enable it at system>setup>registration.

I've logged into Admin but the 'registration' section is inaccessible (grayed out). Please see the attached screens of the admin privileges and the inaccessible registration page.. Read more »

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Updater doesn't recognize the quickstart xtsetup file

Hi all,

I recently purchased the quickstart package xtsetup-3.8.0.gz, but when I try to open it in the updater app 2.2.5, it says it is not a valid TAR file. I've tried re-downloading but still no go. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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xTuple setup for new company


I am setting up xTuple Postbooks edition for a company. How reliable is the postbooks free edition. Is there any limitation in running for a long period?



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Prevent employee records from showing in CRM for all users

How do I setup permissions such that my CSRs and QA employees can see and modify customer records, but not employee accounts, in the CRM?  Right now, I either get an all or nothing choice, and it mixes the employee records in with the customer records.



Jay Lytle


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Vendor "Numbers"

I did the initial Vendor CSV Imports using actual numbers in the 'Vendor Number' field. Now that I am in xTuple and entering data, I find our Vendor list far too long to try and remember Vendor Numbers which is how the search field seems to work. 

Is there anything wrong with redoing the CSV import (with the DELETE command in the pre-SQL) but using the actual Vendor Name in the column for Vendor Number?  Will this screw up something I have yet to encounter within xTuple?