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Fix my RPTRender command line parameters

The following is my command line...

rptrender.exe -databaseURL=odbc:///mr_local -noAuth -param=fromdate:string='2011-03-01' -param=orgid:int='84' -param=todate:string='2011-03-31' -pdf -outpdf=sample2.pdf -close SSSummary.xml

I am using:

openrpt 3.2.2 odbc to mysql

My single Query Source in the report is:

call getSummary(<? value("orgid")?>,<? value("fromdate")?>,<? value("todate")?>); Read more »

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Edits made (saved to DB) fail to alter report

I had altered 2 reports so far, the first being the exercise in the OpenRPT guide, and, armed with that, the second being a change to a query source (detail) in the "Items by Class Code" report, so that the listing would be ordered by Item Description. Works fine. I am telling this to establish that I know how to edit and save to DB.

But I struggled till 1:00am trying to so a similar change to the "Quantities on Hand by Class Code" report, and no change I made would alter the report. Read more »

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Multi-columns lists


I need to implement an extension to the lists currently existing in OpenRPT.
The goal is to print multi-columns lists width a fixed height. The first column is drawned up to the height of the list, then the second column, and so on towards the right of the page.
For instance, if the list has a height of 100 and that each line has a height of 10, a list of 23 lines will be drawned with two columns of 10 lines and a rightmost column of 3 lines.
In our case, the content of the line could be a single database field. Read more »

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OpenRPT, Remote Training Class - Back by Popular Demand

Join us for  this first ever xTuple remote training event focused on OpenRPT, xTuple's powerful, open source SQL report writer. OpenRPT is embedded in the xTuple GUI client (PostBooks, Standard, and Manufacturing), and is also available as a free-standing open source project of its own.

Here's who should attend: Read more »

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How to Add Labels Paper Size

Labels use a Paper Size type of "Labels." The following pre-defined Label Types are supported:
Avery 5263
Avery 5264
Avery 8460
CILS ALPI-9200-1

Ho to add other Labels Paper Size ?
Example like Avery 9170

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Dynamicly load images from urls

Is it possible to dynamically load an image from a URL in a query?

OpenRPT can load images that are stored in the database with a query. I can also load "Static Images", but the image file data appears to be saved in the report's XML file which is ultimately stored in the database.

I would like avoid saving image data in my database do to the size of all my image files. Is there any way to have OpenRPT pull an image's data from a URL when the report prints? Maybe Postgres can pull the image data from the URL in the back end on the server? Read more »

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Print PDF document stored in database?

I've used xTuple's "Documents" tab to store some PDFs in the database, and would like to print them. For instance, I have stored some drawings that contain production information, which I would like to print along with the Routing report.

How do I print a PDF image within OpenRPT? Using an image field and querying for url.url_stream, which seems (according to the pgAdmin display) to contain '%PDF-1.3' and then a bunch of octal characters, gives the error "Invalid image data."

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SQLite and MySQL connections

When using SQLite I get : The following error was encountered retrieving available schemas: Unable to execute statement no such table: pg_namespace

When using MySQL via ODBC I get : The following error was encountered retrieving available schemas: QODBC3: Unable to execute statement [MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.1.41-community]Table 'mysql.pg_namespace' doesn't exist

How can I get OpenRpt to work with other databases?

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Can I make a dotted/dashed line in Open RPT


I was updating/modifying my reports over the weekend, and thought of using dashed or dotted lines in my reports.

I know that lines can be made. But, in the addition of a line, is there a way to change the line to a dashed or dotted line?



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I am trying to create a report within OpenRPT and can connect to the database.
On saving the report to the database I get the attached error message : ERROR relation 'report' does not exist.

Could someone give me a hint on how to fix this.

Thank you for your help.