Saying goodbye to Dan Means, the greatest xTupler


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Dan Means, xTuple Elite PartnerIt is with great sadness that I report the passing of my friend and friend of the xTuple Community, Dan Means. Dan passed away over the weekend.

This album of recent photos represents how the xTuple Community will forever remember Dan Means.

Dan jumped into the xTuple world shortly after I did, back in 2004. An experienced ERP man, Dan became a partner, apparently liked what he saw, but immediately found room for improvement. I cannot ever recall Dan approaching me with "a way to fix what's wrong." Instead, Dan offered great advice and counsel, as I, and then Danielle (Kerner) and I, worked to build the xTuple Partner Program. It was Dan that told us about the good old SBT days, and what the opportunities could be. We are grateful for all that Dan did for us, as we have worked to build the xTuple Partner Program.

Dan was an ERP guy, but who wouldn't say that he loved the tech? When I first talked to Dan in 2004, he called himself a Linux geek. He immediately loved the xTuple open source message and saw instantly the connection between what he liked in Linux and what he loved from his SBT-Foxpro days. Dan was excited to be able to keep doing what he did so well in the 80s and 90s - giving his customers EXACTLY what they wanted.

Dan often referred to himself at "an Accounting Guy." He loved to mix it up with his customers' controller or CPA. He loved to get into it with the debits and credits. In my time here at xTuple, I never met someone who so proudly wore both the banner of Linux Geek and Accounting Geek. Man, that was Dan. He ALWAYS had something to add to the accounting discussion on the xTuple Forums.

And the Forums! How many times did we all recognize and thank Dan for his contributions to the Forums? There is a reason that Dan fell into that SBT market. There is a reason that Dan was drawn into Linux and Open Source.

There is a reason he was our greatest xTupler. Dan was a sharer.

I appreciate all that Dan shared with me. I know I speak for all of xTuple when I say that xTuple appreciates what Dan shared with us over the last ten years. Everyone in our xTuple community who knew Dan could come up with a great story about how he helped make xTuple better. As an early partner, as a customer, as a partner again, as a mentor, as a leader, as a friend.

I know I only knew a small part of his life, but I celebrate the Dan Means I knew.

Here's to Dan.

In Memoriam, Dan Means, xTuple Elite Partner

Speaking at xTupleCon13 | It's Closing Time: Reconciliation and Closing the Books | Dan Means, Next ERP System (xTuple Elite Partner) | Session Thu0315pm 10OCT13

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I'll echo everything Wally

I'll echo everything Wally has said, much better than I could have.  Dan truly epitomized the values of community, humor, and basic decency that we all strive for.  What a devastating loss.  Dan's family is in our thoughts and prayers.

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Great loss

I knew Dan for a short period of time at  xTuple  and back from when he was an Accountmate Reseller, he was a great guy very intelligent and always willing to help. This is a great loss.

My prayers go to him and his family.


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Terrible loss

This is a terrible loss. Dan will be truly missed.

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Dan Means: Celebration of Life

Dear family, friends, and colleagues of Dan Means,

On Saturday, March 8th, a ‘celebration of life’ gathering will be hosted for Dan Means at his home in Mission Viejo, California. The services will begin at 1pm and the eulogy will be delivered by his son, Danny Means.

Dan unexpectedly passed away on Thursday, February 27 after suffering cardiac tamponade.

Dan was a beloved husband, father, son, uncle, brother, and friend who will be forever missed. The Means family is appreciative and grateful for the overwhelming love and support we have received during this difficult time.<

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.

In lieu of flowers, the Means family requests that donations be made to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society on Dan’s behalf. He was passionate about both the organization and the cause and dedicated much of his time to supporting the MS Society. A donation link will be provided shortly.

Cards can be addressed to the Means family (Sue, Danny, & Tyler) and can be sent to:
26591 Salamanca Dr.
Mission Viejo, Ca 92691

Should you have any further inquiries, please contact Rich Theemling (richard.theemling AT

Thank you,
Sue, Danny, & Tyler


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Truly a loss

Truly a loss, Dan had became an icon of xTuple meetings, I had the opportunity to share with him some moments always full of positiveness and good ideas to share.


I join the other on in its prays.



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A great helper

Dan helped me so many times over the last few years. Whether is was a simple navigation question, or helping me do an upgrade to both Postgres and xTuple, he was always great to deal with.

We saw him not that long ago, and I talked with him week before last. I'm very sorry and wish his family peace in these trying times.

I'm sure going to miss Dan.



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see for yourself

By way of illustrating what everyone has said above, if you search the website for dkmeans (Dan's username for posting on the forums or bug tracker), you get over 1,300 hits.

That probably understates it.