Paladin Logic, Ltd., Announces Mobile Port to xTuple PostBooks


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Madrigal logoTexas-based Paladin Logic, Ltd., an xTuple Gold and Elite Partner specializing in ERP customization and implementation, announces the launch of Madrigal SO and Madrigal ERP – a mobile port for Apple and Android tablets connecting to the complete xTuple/PostBooks 4.0 (and later) Desktop client.

Madrigal SO (Small Office) is intended for users who only need one mobile device connected to their xTuple/PostBooks database at a time. Madrigal ERP – the Enterprise version offered through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program and Google Play Private Channel – is intended for business users who need multiple simultaneous mobile connections to their xTuple/PostBooks database.

MadrigalSO login screen

Except for the number of simultaneous connections that are available, Madrigal SO and Madrigal ERP are identical. You can create quotes and populate them with line items, convert the quotes to sales orders, create purchase orders, issue materials, post production, ship, receive, and access and update CRM information. Virtually any feature or function available on the Desktop client is available in Madrigal.

You can use Madrigal SO together with Madrigal ERP without any conflict. Madrigal SO is a perfect fit for the small office / business user who only requires one mobile device to connect to his database at any time. Madrigal ERP is a perfect fit for the larger enterprise or retail store that needs multiple mobile devices connecting at the same time.

In general, all of PostBooks on both the iOS (iPad) and Android platforms, works in Madrigal. Some things work slightly differently than the Desktop client, but they are intuitive. For example, there is no “right click” function on the iOS platform, so a tap of the finger on an item in a list brings up the right click menu.

Some of the higher-level functions for commercial editions are not available in Madrigal because currently, on the iOS platform, customizations that rely on embedded screens (UIForms) stored in the database will not load. If you go to System > Design > Screens on your Desktop client, you will see the list of screens that will not load.

On the Android platform, custom screens all load and work as expected.

Madrigal displays well on both the iPad (10-inch) and iPad Mini (7-inch). Owing to differences in processing power, speed, and available memory, the iPad Mini is slightly slower loading complex screens than the iPad (which is comparable in speed with the regular desktop client).

Madrigal displays well on 10-inch Android tablets. Although the app runs on the 7-inch Android tablets, the display is slightly scrunched and may be harder to use.

To summarize:

iPad mini (7-inch) or Regular (10-inch)
PostBooks & Distribution Edition - YES
Custom Screens - NO
Printing - Not yet

Android 7- inch
PostBooks & Distribution Edition - Not recommended
Custom Screens - Not recommended
Printing - Indirect

Android 10- inch
PostBooks & Distribution Edition - YES
Custom Screens - YES
Printing - Indirect


About Paladin Logic, Ltd.

Paladin Logic, Ltd is a proven innovator in integrating and mobilizing ERP and CRM solutions, and Madrigal is only its latest offering. Paladin is also the developer of iTuple, a mobile inventory tracking and CRM tool that syncs with xTuple, and the ERP Calendar, an extension of xTuple which provides a window to track key business activities. Paladin is also the developer of the Iconic Mobile Retail System, which harmonizes the power of the PostBooks accounting, inventory management, and sales and CRM tracking with a mobile point-of-sale system to provide a fully integrated business solution for the retail and country club industries.

Madrigal places the entire PostBooks back office Desktop client on an iOS iPad or Android tablet, allowing businesses to manage their CRM, inventory, sales, ordering, payroll, and much more from anywhere. 

Dr. Will Bralick, president of Paladin Logic, noted, “We were absolutely ‘beyond the edge of the Internet’ in our development of this port. There were no known solutions to many of the challenges that arose during the creation of this app. The Paladin Logic team proved themselves to be world-class innovators and problem solvers.”

As a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Paladin Logic, Ltd., makes service to the customer a top priority, and Madrigal was developed in direct response to demand from the PostBooks user community.

“The demand was there,” says Shannon Valenzuela, director of marketing for Paladin. “The team at Paladin heard the call for a mobile implementation of the familiar PostBooks Desktop, and they brought their innovative spirit and expertise to the problem.”

Madrigal is available for immediate purchase and download from the Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. For more information about Madrigal, please visit

Madrigal FAQ

What versions of xTuple are supported?

Presently, Madrigal is targeted to xTuple/PostBooks 4.3.1. We have used it successfully with 4.0 and later versions.

Note that if you want to use Madrigal SO (4.3.1) or Madrigal ERP (4.3.1) with a different version of xTuple/PostBooks database then you need to allow mismatched clients just as you would for the Desktop.

How does this work with the xTuple Mobile Web client?

There is no conflict between Madrigal and the xTuple Mobile Web client. This is a different approach to mobility than xTuple Mobile Web and works independently from it. We should note that the xTuple Mobile Web client will work on a smart phone whereas Madrigal will not be ported to that size device.

Will it be made available for smartphones or iPods?

Because we are porting the Qt-driven Desktop interface to the mobile devices, we don’t have much direct control over the look and feel of the app – it looks and feels like the Desktop client. The small screen size on a phone or iPod would be too small to be usable. The alternatives for these small screen sizes would be to use the xTuple Mobile Web or our app formerly known as iTuple.

So, why the name “Madrigal”?

Madrigal is defined (by Google) thus:
noun: madrigal; plural noun: madrigals

a part- song for several voices, especially one of the Renaissance period, typically arranged in elaborate counterpoint and without instrumental accompaniment. Originally used of a genre of 14th century Italian songs, the term now usually refers to English or Italian songs of the late 16th and early 17th century, in a free style strongly influenced by the text.

All the employees of Paladin Logic sing Renaissance polyphony choral music in their church choir. So, you might say that Madrigals are our specialty.

But seriously - Paladin Logic’s tag line is “Harmonize your business,” and Madrigal SO / ERP gathers all of your crucial xTuple/PostBooks business information into one mobile app so you can use it when and where you need it. Harmonize your xTuple/PostBooks client by downloading Madrigal today.

Isn’t $119.99 expensive for an app?

Compared to Angry Birds, I suppose it is. Then again, Angry Birds is not an enterprise application that mobilizes your entire ERP solution. With a relatively narrow market, the price will make it possible to continue to support Madrigal providing a unique capability to xTuple/PostBooks users.

Where can I learn more?

For more information about Madrigal, please visit