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I have a local Accountant, he is standing up Postbooks to try for his customers. He asked me about a payroll that he could use with Xtuple. I saw an open source payroll that intergrates with Xtuple, but I can't find it now. Anyone know which one work with Xtuple( intergrates).?




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It depends on your country since every one has different payroll requirements. If you are talking about US, I saw something from Mitch Rushing about an integration with ADP (which is not open source). Maybe someone knows of another one. Most of my clients use it independently, and there are 2 standing entries which get posted each pay period which takes about 10 minutes, if you are using direct bank deposit . What integration points are you looking for, and how much work are you going to save by having it integrated?

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An integrated payroll is important to manufacturing. Controlling direct labor and component costs are vital to making a profit and competing to sell your products. Yes, you can create a work around using a spreadsheet for labor and transfer it into Postbooks.

Two things needed for payroll are already available in the employee screen details. Compensation whether hourly or salary; the other is your countries currency. And accounts can be created for some of the needs but would be a waste of time since you "cannot" use Postbooks accounts payable to print a paycheck to the employee for their labor. You can only select vendor, customer or tax authority within the misc check print option. Vendor only under P.O.

So you must use an external method to calculate pay, deductions to the tax authorities, matching social security payments, and end of year W2's, 1099's, etc.

If you contract for the hours instead of hiring employees, you can make it happen in postbooks by using a vender setup for hours paid for. But in Georgia, USA, you're required to have a contract for labor hours within state law requirements and still have to print 1099's at year end.

Your comment about how much time you'd save by having payroll integrated indicates more consideration is necessary. For instance, all manufacturing starts with the first product plus the labor, tools, facilities, and materials to produce it. All must be accounted for to determine your production cost. Simple at first, but growth adds more of everything and a demanding need to have all your accounting integrated for accuracy and labor savings.

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This for an accountant that

This for an accountant that has small customers, most don't want to pay for ADP. He was really looking for an open source payroll that could pull the required info from Postbooks. Just set it up and run it. I'm not a payroll expert, so I don't know if it's worth the hassel or not. He would like a solution that would work for all of his customers. I guess when you have a lot of them, it does become more work to keep up with. I'll have to look at what he is tring to do, maybe I can give him a good way to do it by just exporting and importing.

I just say someone mention an open source payroll package that could intergrate with Xtuple and thought I would give it a look. I think Rick just wants something as simple as possible, but would work for most of his clients.

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Intuit Online Payroll

We recently got rid of the last remnants of QuickBooks by switching payroll to Intuit Online Payroll. Intuit purchased Paycycle, which became IOP. So far so good.

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Here's a recent review of a

Here's a recent review of a couple packages from a CPA mag:

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Here is one that I'm

Here is one that I'm considering but I don't know if there is an integration for xTuple

It is open source based out of BC Canada. As far as I know it does come with US and Canadian tax tables and can be setup for other country tax tables as well.

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Here is another older post on

Here is another older post on timetrex and xTuple