Tax decimal truncate format for Japanese company


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I am sorry I posted this information at toplic "Tax rate precision" in 03/09/2012 and did not response.

I think that our tax low is not use round, use truncate in Japan, I have to use truncate functions

with Postbook at Japnaese company. I think that I have to customzie Tax calucation from

round to truncate at PostBooks source code. I simply check  PostBooks-GUIclient-only, xTuple-3.8.-source.tar.bz2

files, that include round functions change to truncate functions of Tax calucations. After that recompile those

customized source by QT environment, I think. I think that PostBooks source change

will be only Client programs, not server side or database functions. If someone advise to me, it's very happy.

I think this kind of customize is not good things, howerver, stndard PostBooks will not support

tax decimal truncate functions, I have to do customixe, this is my idea.  



Kazu Hodota 

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Check the set up screens for

Check the set up screens for Locales - you can set the decimal precision up or down as needed, shouldn't need to re-compile.

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about accumulated inaccuracy

Hello Mr.Dan Means,

Thank you for your replay, and I will test some decimal settings at Locales that support Japanese tax truncate calculation. Also I am concern about accumulation calculation error for one year, many transactions....

Any way I will test it, Thank you so much.


Kazu Hodota