What is your time worth?


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In a do-it-yourself economy, with a do it yourself product, it's maybe a little too easy to talk yourself into trying work through  software implementation challenges on your own.  But before you go down that road, think about what economists call "opportunity cost" - what is all that time you're spending really costing you?  And how much better off would you be, if you could just plug into an xTuple subject matter expert?

Who are these subject matter experts?  They can be people you meet on the forums providing helpful online support, an xTuple partner in your area who works with you onsite through your implementation challenges, xTuple customer support who troubleshoots your questions over the phone, or xTuple professional services who goes that extra mile to implement solutions unique to your business.  What is most important about subject matter experts is they are here to HELP!

With the end of the year approaching, a significant number of xTuple users are planning to "go-live" with a new system -- whether first-time xTuple users deploying the software, or long time users finally getting around to that upgrade so they can take advantage of all the new features.  Plus, year end brings the close of the accounting books for many businesses.  All of these circumstances can create additional stress to daily operations-- now is not the time to hesitate to get the extra help you need.  So, if you're feeling overwhelmed with xTuple projects and questions don't hesitate to contact us and we'll find a SME who can assist you through the end of the year and beyond.

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I agree. Since services are intangible, many people have difficulty understanding the benefits. From my experience, service is really the most important ingredient to a successful implementation. There are many different services which add value. before, during and after the implementation. Some examples are planning, project management, configuration advice, training, data migration, integration, customization, testing, support etc. Benefits of outsourcing some of this work include reduced risk, higher efficiency etc. There are many benefits to an open source approach to ERP and accounting solutions. One of them is the focus on adding value with service.