Postbooks, Time & Expense Tracker & DCAA Compliance


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I was wondering if any company had used any version of XTuple; Postbooks + Time and Expense Tracker, to become DCAA compliant? This is a government requirement for company's participating in government contracts to assure proper billing to the government. Any knowledge or comments would be appreciated.

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I am also interested in being

I am also interested in being DCAA compliance.

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Bump. We would be very interested in this as well. According to our accountant she has not found anything between QB and Deltek so there is a real market here.

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If you're still interested in

If you're still interested in DCAA I can work with you truugh that, as a consultant.

If you wish, please, just let me know!

Sergio Di Fiore

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Re: [New Development]: Re: Postbooks, Time & Expense Tracker & DCAA Compliance

DCAA is an US Govt. audit agency on how to perform US governmental
accounting. I went to your site: its in Portuguese -- what is your
experience with the US IRS and US Govt. Accounting?

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DCAA Compliant Accounting System


I am a US based accountant.

I recently put together a DCAA compliant accounting system (unaudited) using Quickbooks, Excel, a web-based time tracking system and a ODBC connector (connect quickbooks to excel) for a small service-oriented business.

I would be happy to work with you as a consultant in developing a DCAA compliant accounting system.

I am going to message you my contact information, feel free to contact me. If you contact me please give me some more information about your business.


Brad Perrin