xTuple 3.7.0 now available


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The latest version 3.7.0 of xTuple ERP, including the new Project and Enterprise Editions, is now available for download at SourceForge.  This is an incremental release, with a handful of significant new features, including improved support for multiple currencies in multi-company financial consolidation, handling of MRP exceptions, deeper usage of the parameter widget and characteristics, and much more, including hundreds of minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Download it now!

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payroll system using free software

Hello...I have project about doing payroll using free software..so ,do u think x tuple version is the correct one?/ i have search in the guide provided (version post book 3.7) but no module for me to go on with my project...so what ur opinion??? plezz help m e..tq

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xTuple does not provide

xTuple does not provide native payroll functionality, but it is an easy matter to interface with external payroll solutions through Journal Entries.