New support for translation during release cycle


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Thanks to recent changes made to the Translation Portal, translators can now get a head start on their Tuple ERP translations. Gone are the days of waiting for the final release of xTuple ERP to begin translation work. Now translators can begin working as soon as the Beta for a new version is available. This change should make it much easier for translators to ensure their .QM files are kept up to date with the latest content. With this new process, it is even possible that translations could be finished before the final release is published!

There have been some other positive changes, as well, designed to support translators and our international community of users:

  1. A new feature in the Translation Portal automatically translates identical strings found in the language files for newer versions. This means that when translators begin translating a new release, part of the work will already be done!
  2. In xTuple ERP 3.7.0 there will be a new Welcome Screen designed to make it easier for international users to get started using xTuple. To learn more about this new Welcome Screen (and how you can help translate it), please see my forum post on the topic.

Just one more word of thanks to all the translators in our community who contribute their time, effort, and feedback to xTuple translation projects. We really appreciate your work--as I'm sure all the users do in the countries where you live! Again, as I said in my forum post, we could really use help translating the new Welcome Screen into the 37 languages we have identified. If you have a few minutes to help with that, we would really appreciate your input. Please post any translations of the new Welcome Screen (with the name of the language) as a reply on that forum.

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Great work


I can't express how helpfull have been the latests updates to the translation portal. It have became much easier to keep translation updated in much less time. I am sure that those who spend some (or a lot of) time translating to improve the customer experience when the software is in their own language are very please with the work done around this matter. Also letting us work with the beta translation is excelent because you can translate in advance and have the translation ready at the same time the release cycle is delivering the final version of xTuple. In particular I like this because I can show potential customers the new version already in spanish.

Again my thanks to the team, this is a good one.