Unable to execute validation program


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Hi all,
Mac Pro, running Snow Leopard 10.6.6 I downloaded the current build of xTuple installer (3.6.0). When I launch it, I get a prompt for system password, which I know and use often, which is accepted, and the installer continues...
...until it asks for the install path. I've left the default /Applications and I've tried a more specific /Applications/xTuple. But each time I get a message saying:
"Unable to execute validation program" which halts the installer

Isn't that what I'm prompted for at the beginning of the install?

I've also tried to launch the installer from the Terminal with Sudo, but I get the same message, and get stuck again.

Any tips?

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So after trying a bunch of stuff, I kinda gave up. But I just updated to 10.6.7, so I thought I'd try again. No, it didn't fix it. But I did try something new which may have been the culprit. I unmounted a cloud storage backup disk. It seems the BitRock Installer might try to map that drive as local, but it must be way to big to map, or maybe it id an undefined value, so the installer can't continue.

Now onto xTuple......