xTuple 3.5.6 is Mac Intel only?


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the xTuple application file for 3.5.6 shows as "i386" in the file name. Previous builds (3.5.5 and prior) who as "universal".

Has xTuple gone Intel only with 3.5.6?

the 3.5.6 app when unpacked and installed shows as "Application (Intel)" to the Mac OS X Finder.

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Yes, we are ending general

Yes, we are ending general distribution support for PPC architecture. It is still possible to build xTuple in Universal binaries if someone were in a pinch. Users who need that can either build it themselves, or contact xTuple directly, but we will not be including it in our standard distributions.

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PPC version of 3.7.4

who do I contact at xTuple to do this?