Translation issue with Qt strings


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There's a translation issue with the internal Qt strings. We've noticed it in the standalone OpenRPT, but the problem might exist also in the xTuple ERP client: the Qt strings are not translated (for instance in the font selection dialog).
To have them translated, i think you have to include the following code in the application init:

QTranslator qtTranslator;
qtTranslator.load("qt_" + QLocale::system().name());

...and to ship all the qt_*.qm you need with your application.

Am i correct ?

PS i've tried to test the xTuple ERP client for this but i don't kow how to activate translations...

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I'll go ahead and add the Qt

I'll go ahead and add the Qt strings loading code to the standalone Report Writer, it will allow full translation if the qt_*.qm are shipped with the Writer, and won't do any harm if they are not.
Still don't know about the xTuple ERP client, though.