DIY with QuickStart Wizard for 3.5.1


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How many times have you excitedly downloaded a new software application and thought to yourself, this looks great, but where do I start?  After trial and error, sorting through help documents, and skimming user manuals eventually you get the hang of it.

Well, when it comes to xTuple software we want to help you move this process along so you can get your enterprise system set up and focus on what you do best - growing your business.  For some time, we've made available a Quickstart database which is pre-loaded with generic master data such as a chart of accounts. With the introduction of the new 3.5.1 release, featuring the xTuple Desktop, we've expanded the Quickstart concept and developed a Quickstart Wizard add-in package which walks you through each step required for system configuration, master data entry, and set up review in the Quickstart database.

Included with the Quickstart Wizard is an easy-to-follow guide (PDF) with brief explanations of each step.  This new package is available for purchase on the xTuple xChange for $30 for users with locally installed databases.  It is also included with the xTuple Cloud service at no additional charge.

As always, xTuple and our network of partners offer a variety of professional services to help with some of your toughest enterprise challenges in the form of training, consulting, custom development, and of course production support.  If your system set up exceeds the limits of the Quickstart database and Wizard package, please don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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QuickStart Wizard problem

Hi ,
I purchased and downloaded the QuickStart wizard.
I extracted the attachment and got a file named xtsetup-3.5.1.( size:360KB)
However there is no file extension name and Windows (Vista) is not able to run it.
I tried the whole process of downloading and extracting second time but the problem remains.
Can you help me?

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You need the Updater

The QuickStart Wizard file, called xtsetup-3.5.1.gz, is an xTuple xtension package, which means you'll need the the free Updater application to install it in your xTuple database. You can read tips for using the Updater on

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Quickstart Wizard Importing?


Is it possible to import data through the QuickStart Wizard?


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You can import data into our

You can import data into our system, however the quickstart wizard is not designed specifically for this purpose. It's primarily used for walking through each of the basic set up steps that involve configuring the system and adding master data. Importing would be a task that happens outside the QS wizard. We have lots of free documentation addressing that topic.