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The chart above shows the incredible results of our haxTuple bug derby.  The orange line is the number of open bugs; the red line is the number of bugs fixed during the contest.  As you can see, the lines crossed on the very last day of the contest - 324 bugs fixed, and just 313 remaining (out of over 10,000 over the life of the company).

A big part of the reason for this surge was our haxTuple winner, Scott Zuke of Core Services Group.  Core is an xTuple partner in western Michigan, and is also behind the forthcoming Time and Expense functionality (more on that later!)  As soon as we can get our hands on one (we've placed our pre-order), Scott will receive the iPad grand prize.  (No, not that one!)

But it was a photo finish - for the last week or so, it was back and forth between Scott and Alfredo Martinez, of Yucatán, Mexico.  Alfredo oversees the xTuple implementation at a large furniture manufacturer there, and recently became a partner as well.

We had great participation from a number of other users, including other partners, customers, and open source community contributors.  A big thanks to everyone that participated!  On the off chance that people will occasionally find additional bugs in the software, we look forward to doing this again with a future release of xTuple!

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Looking for a way to freeze the original order date on a purchase order and update with current promise date like the Sales Order feature. Then I can measure supplier performance against the original request date.