Fixed Asset functionality


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I'm looking for feedback on a development I am considering either as part of Core or as an extension package.

I want to develop Fixed Asset functionality in xTuple to create a basic Fixed Asset Register. The Asset register will be used to hold information about Type of Asset, descriptions, Locations, Addresses, and value. The idea is to group assets by Asset Type which will hold information about associated G/L Account(s) such as the Fixed Asset account and the depreciation account. We will need to set up configurable depreciation models (by Asset type?). Probably start with just straight line and diminishing value but I am open to suggestions here. Ideally we have some link from Purchasing and Sales for the creation and disposal of fixed assets which then generate the corresponding G/L transactions.

Hopefully the community can give some feedback on whether this functionality is useful and to comment on rounding out the desired functionality.

This is the first step in a larger plan to develop functionality around Asset Maintenance.