What's a knugget?


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A knugget is a knowledge nugget. A small piece of useful information designed to help somebody out. We see them every day on our website. When somebody takes the time to answer a newbie's question in the forum, that's a knugget. Or when a power user posts an alternate workaround to a bug that already has a perfectly good workaround, that's a knugget. Or when a partner discovers a new method for loading opening balances--and writes about it in our Admin and Setup docs--that's another knugget.

Knuggets are like gold in an open source community. When you find the one you're looking for, you're set! Hopefully the improved search features of our new website are making it easier for you to find the knuggets you're looking for. And if by any chance you're interested in contributing content (we'd welcome more content contributors!), please let us know and we'll plug you in.

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Joined: 05/30/2009
ca Xtple run from SSD

I have a big 2 screen windows machine in the office and a small linux netbook for travelling.

Question - Can I install Xtuple on a 4 (or 8)Gb SSD so that I can do all the development and serious work in the office and then when I'm on the road use the latest info that's on the SSD?

What I'm asking (I'm not a programmer - just a user - is what do I have to do to make the "database" be usable in Windows AND Eeebuntu

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SSD question

Hi, ChrisGanderChina:

Sure, you can install and run PostBooks on your netbook. The footprint for the application is pretty small. You can download the latest installer here:


The installer works for Windows, Mac, and Linux.