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Hello everybody: My name is David, and I'm from Spain. I've started working on the Spanish translation. My intention is to finish the remaining 20% in about 1 month (in fact I've already finished 1% ). I will post here some of the rules I'm following in my translations so you follow them too, or discuss whether I should follow others. I will post how I translate some of the words, or whether I have corrected others. These are the first ones: - I'm avoiding pasive as much as possible (it's quite common in English, but not as much in Spanish). For this reason I will never translate for instance "This Address hasn't been able to be created..." into "Esta Dirección no ha podido ser creada..." but into "No se ha podido crear esta Dirección...". - I have translated Prospect as Prospección (I understand that before being a Customer, a Prospect is some kind of comercial prospection), not as Prospecto (a "prospecto" is some kind of voucher) - I'm traslating "enter (some kind of information)" into "proporcionar" instead of into "ingresar", since the latter doesn't sound good at all in Spain. - I've translated "State" as "Estado/Departamento/Comunidad", trying to make it applicable to any state structure. - A/R (Account Receivable) = C/C (Cuentas a Cobrar / Cuentas por Cobrar) Looking forward hearing from you. Regards, David Pérez

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Hi, David:

I have given your user edit privileges in our wiki. Please feel free to use the wiki as an additional resource for organizing Spanish localization. The wiki pages for localization are hosted here:

Thank you for getting involved!