PostBooks Live CD


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I made a PostBooks Live CD. The iso size is 150 MB. If anyone cares to test download the iso from:

Burn this iso to CD. Windows users see: Mac and Linux users can figure this out - right!

Put the CD in a computer, reboot, and follow the prompts. When you get to the desktop see the 'README.txt' then click 'Start_PostBooks'. The demo database is loaded. At the end of the session changes can be saved to a file or discarded.

Alternatively, a LiveCD or ISO file can be run with virtual machine software like VMware, Parallels, or Qemu.

This is just another way to explore explore PostBooks that requires no setup, no IT help, no internet connection and no installation. (Suitable for any accountant - like me.)

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Is this still alive? Looks

Is this still alive? Looks like a very good idea.

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I hope this still works! I am

I hope this still works! I am going to explore it, it would be great if I can get hold of this.

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please add new  working

please add new  working link


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Live CD

Please give a working link.