Migrating from QuickBooks


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Howdy All,

John Rogelstad posted in another topic about the Most Wanted features of the API. In passing he mentioned demand to migrate data from QuickBooks. Since that will most likely be a very popular topic, I decided to start it here.

Migrating from QuickBooks would be an excellent value-add for resellers. A while back I looked into what it'd take to do such a thing (data export from QB). At that point, the only way to get the data was to purchase a third-party "adapter" that provided an ODBC connection to the QuickBooks database. The information you got depended on how much you wanted to pay; if I remember correctly, $99 got you the vendors and customers, a bit more also got you the inventory, and even more got you vendors, customers, inventory, and invoice/PO/Quotes.

Perhaps today QB is more lenient about what they'll let you export for free, but I'm not sure.

Another pertinent question: If a company migrates between accounting applications mid-year, what do they want to migrate? It might be tricky to attempt to import all PO's, checks, invoices, etc. and have the books balance at the end. Instead, a company could migrate everything else, close one month out, and then start the new month on the new package.