Product Roadmap


While we work tirelessly on continual small enhancements, fixes and improvements, this page serves as a basic development map of major functional and architectural issues.

Comments are welcome, as always...

xTuple 4.9 - .0-.2 2015, 4.9.3 in Q1 2016

  • Allow document associations and characteristics to work better with extensions
  • Round out mobile inventory features*
  • Mobile inventory shares OpenRPT reports with desktop client*
  • Stored procedure to parse MetaSQL (required adding plv8)
  • New desktop application style (xtdesktop 4.0)
  • Configurable Shortcuts (xtdesktop 4.0 client)
  • OpenRPT to render images from file table (Desktop client)

xTuple 4.10 - Q1 2016

xTuple 4.11 and beyond  (2016)

  • Implement ERP-wide Search (Desktop client)
  • Finish FeatureMob2 items
  • Simplified Sales Order entry
  • New focused mobile applications*
  • Expanding integrated Document Management
  • Merging the new Workflow and the existing Events functionality
  • Integration with third-party email services such as Constant Contact and MailChimp
  • Continue performance improvements

* Denotes functionality only available in commercially-licensed Editions