Adding the contact name and phone number to the AR Aging report


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I want to add the Contact Name and phone number to the details AR Aging report. I see in the query source a function being called. Has anyone else done who would be willing to share the report? Or how to do would be great too

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Modifying a function using a type

Hi Gerhard,

First, in PgAdmin, make sure your browser is configure to show 'Types'. For this to happen, in a PgAdmin session, use the following:

File->Options... then scroll to the bottom. The previous to last item is 'Types''. Put a checkmark in the checkbox if it is not already there.

Go back to PgAdmin, and refresh the database view. Under the public schema, you should now see a 'Types' group. If you expand this, you will see the araging type.

This is like the table definition. You have to add the new fields there. I would strongly recommend to modify this in a custom schema so you will not lose your modifications the next time you upgrade xTuple.

You can then go to the araging function and modify it to populate your new fields. Again, I would put the modified function in a custom schema.

I think the above would achieve what you want.

Regards and Season's Greetings,

Bernard Le Jour

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