Xtuple ERP with multiple diplays


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I'm running xTuple ERP on a MacBook Pro Retina with an external monitor. Is there a way I can get xTuple to use the external display, even when the menu bar is on the MacBook display?

I have Remember Position and Remember Size checked, but xTuple always opens a new window on the display that has the menu bar. Most of the time, I have the menu bar on the MacBook display but use the external display, which is larger, for my main display. So I have to drag each newly-opened window over to the external display.

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@ealanm, Currently there is


Currently there is no way for you to make the desktop application open new windows on your second monitor. This is not a Mac-specific problem - second monitors are much more common now than at the time window position memory was added and we just didn't think of it.

Adding this feature does not look too difficult. Please enter a request for this in our issue tracker. I don't know when we'll get to it but the feature would certainly be good to have.


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Thanks, Gil. I've submitted

Thanks, Gil. I've submitted it as request 25334.