Paper sizes and printing


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Can anybody comment on paper size issues when printing?

Are the built in forms (such as the Invoice form in Quickstart) hard-wired for a specific paper size such as US Letter?  Or should they just work for A4 as well?


I observed that one PC was printing the page correctly while printing from another PC, to the same printer, I observed that the right hand side of the page was cropped.

Printing to PDF I observed that the writing goes right up to the very right hand side of the PDF on screen.  The PDF properties say the document is 203 × 279 mm


On the computer that prints OK, I'm guessing something is silently scaling it to the real paper size.  I don't know if that is happening in PostBooks, in Qt, in Cups or in the driver.


On the other computer, I worked around the problem by going into the driver settings in Gnome:

- Administration -> Printing

- select my printer, right click the printer, click Properties

- click "Job Options"

- tick "Scale to fit"


However, this is a global setting that may impact other applications - it would be really useful to have this "Scale to fit" option visible and set by default in the Print dialog box of Postbooks


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xTuple Style Guide

This is all I have on international paper sizes:

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Ok, I notice the comment at the bottom "developed in US letter format and adapted to A4 for our global Partners" - does that mean the A4 versions of documents have been created manually but not yet made available in QuickStart or there is some tool for adapting them on the fly?


I created some bug reports for some of these topics: - show the scale-to-fit checkbox when printing (a useful workaround) - check the printer's configured paper size(s) match the report size