Mobile Web Demo Guide



Before using this online guide — if you have not already done so — apply for the Free Trial of xTuple ERP. A confirmation email will be sent when your Free Trial account is approved and created, which includes Account information needed to use this guide.

The Free Trial Demo database contains sample data for a manufacturing and distribution company called ProDiem Toys. The database is shared among all trial users, and the data is refreshed every night.

You can access the demo database using the mobile web client and the classic desktop client (see xTuple Mobile vs. Desktop). This Guide focuses on modules currently available via the Web: CRM and Project, with more in development. To find demo guides for the xTuple Desktop client — which provides access to ALL modules of the xTuple ERP — please see Desktop Demo Guides.

After evaluation, learn how xTuple can help your company grow — please contact us.


1. Orientation

This section shows the basic features of the Mobile Web app of xTuple ERP. The next sections describe steps required to login and exit databases via the Web.


1.1. Log in Options

To login to the Mobile Web app, open a Web browser and navigate to http://[CLOUD ID], where "CLOUD ID" is the name of your Cloud ID provided in the Free Trial confirmation email.

Mobile Web Demo Login Screen

Enter the Mobile Web app username and password included in your Free Trial confirmation email.

The Demo database contains sample data for a fictitious company, which you will use with this guide. (There is a separate guide for the QUICKSTART database, which is intended for building your own company’s database).


1.2. xTuple Mobile Web Welcome Screen

Once the Demo database is selected, the main navigation and Welcome Screen appear. Main navigation includes links to all modules currently available in the Mobile Web app, including CRM, Project and Setup.

Above main navigation: Row of buttons to help access important features of the Mobile Web app.

Logout: Takes you out of the application and back to the login screen.

History: Button displays a list of pages recently opened. Click on any item in the list to return quickly to that page.

Advanced Search: Magnifying glass button displayed on all list screens, which opens options for filtering the list.

Actions: Global actions available in the app, including changing password and accessing Help.

Right: Welcome Screen contains information to help use the Demo database, including a link to this guide.


1.3 Exit the Mobile Web Application

Click the Logout button in the top left corner to log out of the Mobile Web app.


2. Getting Started: Mobile Web CRM Business Process Flow

This section guides you through a basic process flow for the CRM module available in the Mobile Web app of xTuple ERP. CRM, or Corporate Relationship Management, is a set of tools for tracking your customers and their activities — as well as vendors, partners, and any other organizations and individuals with whom you have a business relationship. Activities include managing customer account and contact information, as well as tracking customer incidents and opportunities. The CRM module also has a To Do List to keep track of assigned tasks, incidents and opportunities.

ProDiem Toys is the sample company for our Demo database. It manufactures and distributes toys to retailers. It has outside sales representatives who call on customers to take orders, identify opportunities, and assist customers with resolving issues. Sam Masters is a sales rep for ProDiem Toys. In this demonstration, we follow Sam for a day as he performs his job using xTuple, accessing the ProDiem database on a tablet computer via the Mobile Web app.


2.1. Checking the To Do List


At the start of the day, Sam turns on his tablet and connects to xTuple via the Mobile Web app in a Web browser. He logs in and navigates to his To Do list.

Login to the Demo database following the procedure described above. In main navigation, click on CRM, then click on To Do to view a list of To Dos.

To see only Sam Masters' To Do list, click on the magnifying glass above the main navigation. In the pane that appears, navigate to User Accounts->Assigned to field and click on the small arrow. Select "Search" from the list of options. Select "Sam Masters" from the list of user accounts. This will instantly filter the list of To Dos to show only those assigned to Sam.

Click on the blue text to open the "Private Label Meeting" To Do. This is a reminder to Sam to schedule a meeting with Frank Farley to discuss an Opportunity to private label one of ProDiem's toy lines for the customer Tremendous Toys. At the bottom of the Overview column, notice this To Do is related to an Opportunity called "TTOYS-Private Label."

Click the small arrow next to the Opportunity name to open a menu of options: Search, Open and New. Click on "Open" to view the Opportunity, to which we will return in the next step.

Sam has a visit to Tremendous Toys scheduled where he will meet with the store manager Frank Farley. He sees an Opportunity linked to this To Do. Sam opens the Opportunity to remind himself of what he plans to accomplish on the visit.

On the To Do screen, click on BACK to return to the top level of the CRM module navigation.


2.2. Assessing the Opportunity

Navigate to CRM in main navigation. Click on Opportunities to view a list of all Opportunities in the system. If this list was a large number, you could click on the magnifying glass to filter the list to show only those relevant to Sam.

Sam sees an Opportunity associated with the visit — Frank Farley has said he is interested in the new Diamond Custom Truck from ProDiem, and Sam thinks he can sell about $10,000 of the product.

Click on the number "4" of the Opportunity named "TTOYS-Private Label" to open it and view various things about the Opportunity at a glance, including the expected Amount ($10,000), the Probability of close (50%), and the Stage (Verbal).

Sam sees a Contact associated with the Opportunity. He obtains Frank Farley's address from the Contact record, because that is where Sam is going next.

Click on the down arrow next to Frank Farley's name to view the options list: Search, Open, New. Click "Open" to open Frank Farley's Contact record. His information, including his address, is shown.


2.3. Viewing an Account

In this section we review the Account section of the CRM tools. Go to CRM->Accounts to view a list of all Accounts.

The Accounts list shows the Account number and name, as well as primary Contact information for the Account. As with all lists in the xTuple Mobile Web app, the Accounts list may be reduced by clicking on the magnifying glass and entering some filters.

Following his To Do list, Sam travels to Tremendous Toys headquarters to call on Frank Farley. While waiting for Frank, he opens the Account record to view the history and details at a glance.

To quickly bring up the TTOYS Account, click on the magnifying glass and type TTOYS into the Account number file.

Click on the blue Account number, TTOYS in this case, to open the specific Account screen which provides a great deal of information about the Account.

Overview and Comments panels are visible in the screen above. A small edge of the Roles panel is also visible. To view panels to the right not visible on the screen: Click and hold the panel, then move your mouse (or slide finger, if navigating on a touch screen) to the left to pull additional panels to the right.

Or click on the panel name in the navigation list on the left, and the panel will slide into view. Next set of additional panels associated with the Account record include:

These are the last panels:

Sam prepares for his meeting with Frank by reviewing the Account record and the associated To Dos and Opportunities.


2.4. Tracking an Incident

The meeting went well, and Frank says Tremendous Toys is ready to move forward with the custom order. Sam will return to the Pro Diem office and write up an official Quote, using the Desktop client. (Soon he will be able to write Quotes in the Mobile Web app, too!) Before he leaves, he remembers an additional note on the TTOYS Account page. He needs to speak with Mike Farley about a few Incidents regarding paint color.

Navigate to CRM->Incidents. The Incidents list shows the Number and Description of all Incidents, as well as their associated Account and Contact, the Status of the Incident and the date it was last modified. Filter the list if it is too long. In this case, the Incidents we need are both on the page.

To open an Incident, click on the number. Click on "15006" to open the Incident "Approve Substitute of YPAINT2 for YPAINT1.”

Sam navigates to the Incidents related to the TTOYS account. Normally, Sam would resolve issues such as these via email or on the phone. Since he is already on-site, he goes to Mike Farley's office and speaks to him directly. Mike approves the substitution, so Sam enters a new comment and closes the issue. The manufacturing group at TTOYS will receive the notification immediately in the xTuple Desktop client and proceed to order the paint.


3. Next Steps

This has been a walk-through of some of the key features currently available in the Mobile Web app. 

Remember: Your Free Trial account may be accessed by both the Mobile Web application and the Desktop client. To experience the full power of xTuple, we strongly recommend continuing to the next part of the demonstration via the Desktop client.

Follow these steps to continue evaluation in the Desktop client:

  1. Download the xTuple Desktop client for your operating system or platform.
  2. Follow the steps in the Desktop Demo Guide to connect to your Free Trial database.
  3. Choose either the Service Business or Inventory (Manufacturing and Distribution) Business Desktop Demo Guide, based upon your type of business.